What our customers are saying

Replacing our furnace is not something I enjoyed doing but Rick made the experience virtually pain free. He went above and beyond and helped us to obtain our hydro loan by filling out the paper work to ensure we wouldn’t have any hold ups! Within a few days we had our new furnace. I would definitely recommend the services of RR Heating & Cooling Services

Wendy and Wade


We were very pleased with RRHC’s prompt service when our furnace broke down, we chose to replace it and they went through all the paperwork to get a hydro loan and to get us up and running again. It happened at the beginning of the winter cold and they even went as far as to offer us some space heaters if we couldn’t find any. This is not the first time we hired Rick and his staff and have always been very pleased with their quick response, knowledge and ideas plus they always cleans up after themselves when the job is done. I have recommended them to others.

Monique and Joel

Interlake family

I do a fair number of renovations and when people ask me if I know anyone who can help them with their furnace or A/C, I tell them “I’ve got a guy!” RRHC are fast, reliable, and have the best quality of work around. Even the gas inspector gave me a compliment on the work that they did!